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2011 Team Save Projections Launched!

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Check out the first round of 2011 team save projections.  Keep checking them as things develop during spring training.

2011 Team Save Projections

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3 Responses to "2011 Team Save Projections Launched!"

  1. big o says:

    nice to see you bring this feature back for a 2nd year .

    will there be an article on last year’s predictions and how closely
    teams performed to your expectations ?

    1. thetrueguru says:

      Thank you Olin. It was your brainchild. I tweaked it a bit for better results.

  2. thetrueguru says:

    Not really. I got several close and others I overshot. I’d rather focus on 2011. I can’t contr0o things like Papelbon blowing 8 saves. Besides, I’d rather focus my energies going forward.

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