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Hanrahan Blows First Save, Valverde Saves 25th Straight

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Well, it had to happen one of these days.  Joel Hanrahan finally blew his first save of the season. Mark the date as July 17 and that is no typo.  You have to give the guy some serious credit for lasting that long as it was only him and Jose Valverde who were left among the full time closers who have yet to blow a save in the 2011 season.  It wasn’t the traditional blown save because Hanrahan didn’t give up any runs in his 1.1 innings of work.  He even struck out two, bringing his season total to 37 Ks.  He entered the game with two outs and a runner on first and gave up a deep double to Chris Johnson that scored the inherited runner.  He struck out Brett Wallace to end the inning, so he should have got out of it, but luck did not prevail today for Hanrahan.

On the flip-side, Jose Valverde saves his 25th consecutive save of the season and is now alone, the only closer with no blown saves on the season.  He also has the longest active streak of the season with 25 saves.

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4 Responses to "Hanrahan Blows First Save, Valverde Saves 25th Straight"

  1. Purewater says:

    Are you still predicting Hanrahan will get traded?

    1. thetrueguru says:

      For the record I never predicted that Hanrahan would be traded. I simply provided the scenario that if the Piarates were to trade hi, where he would go. I also based that on what their record would be be July 31st. TO answer your question, no I do not think at this point they will trade Hanrahan if they feel they can make the playoffs.

  2. Purewater says:

    Sorry but this is a prediction you made that he’d be traded:

    “If teams come calling for Hanrahan and I believe they will, the Pirates will move their All-Star closer.”

    Then in this comment section on 6/25 you wrote:

    “So, he will likely be traded.”

    1. thetrueguru says:

      What is your deal? First off, the article was titled Suspected Trade Deadline Closers. I also wrote that article June 23 assuming that the Pirates would fall back further. Still, that is not a prediction. IN any case, I still think that if things don’t go their way and a huge offer is presented, Hanrahan will be moved. Bare in mind, I present all options and thoughts and I try to keep my readers aware of what can possibly happen to their fantasy closer. Anyone would have agreed in late June that Hanrahan could be traded. Why it bugs you so much I just don’t know.

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