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Roll The Dice and We Get Drew Storen!

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For the record I never understood why Drew Storen was removed from the closer role for the Nationals at the start of the season.  IN the first game of a double header, Jim Riggleman decided to bring Sean Burnett in for a two inning save and save Drew Storen for the night cap.  It never got that far. Sean Burnett was relived after giving up 3 hits and an RBI single to Albert Pujols.  Storen entered the game to face a slew of right-handed batters (as opposed to lefty Burnett) and got Holiday to end the inning.   He then had a quite ninth inning with only a walk to David Freese.

Storen has pitched well in relief this year, posting a 0,77 ERA and a 0.86 WHIP, so there should be no doubt in Riggleman’s mind that he has to give his long-term closer another chance.

My reasoning for what happened last night is this.  He brought Burnett in to pitch two innings and save Storen for game 2 of the double header.  Washington is being very protective of their young arms and I don’t think he wanted either pitcher pitching both games.  That is the only reason I can make sense of it.  I fully expect Burnett to emerge from the bullpen for the next save opportunity, but it should be Storen.

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3 Responses to "Roll The Dice and We Get Drew Storen!"

  1. Greg says:

    Not sure I agree with your assessment of the situation in the doubleheader. What exactly is leading you to believe that Burnett was coming in for a 2 inning save? That is complete speculation. I guess we’ll see what happens but with Burnett’s struggles lately and Storen’s success all season, including back to back saves, I’d say Storen is the lead man for saves in Washington at this point.

  2. Greg says:

    Can I also recommend turning off the Auto-Start on the BlogTalkRadio widget. Every time I change pages it blasts out of my speakers. If people want to listen to it they will click it.

  3. thetrueguru says:

    I am in fact speculating. I never figured that Burnett, even after the last season he had would ever be closer. Whatever is going on in Riggleman’s mind is only known to him. I agree that Storen should be the man going forward, but if Riggleman believed in Burnett to open the season, just because he has struggle lately may not chance it.

    I do agree with you 100%.

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