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Ryan Franklin Starts Exactly Where I Expected

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If you own Heath Bell, you love Ryan Franklin.  If you own Ryan Franklin you are likely wondering why and trying to find if Jason Motte was still a free agent in their league.  Franklin blew his first save of the season by giving up a home run to the new Babe Ruth, Cameron Maybin.  Granted it was the only hit he gave up, it just shows that Franklin is not a closer and is in fact as the Sabermetrics guys always say when their numbers don’t add up, “He’s lucky”.

So if you own him, as I predicted and I will stick with, by mid-May, maybe earlier, Franklin will be gone.  And no Ryan, the fiery, almost scary little 1/5 beard doesn’t help you be more intimidating.  A fastball faster than 90 M.P.H. would help.


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4 Responses to "Ryan Franklin Starts Exactly Where I Expected"

  1. Prime Time says:

    He will be the closer all year, this should be he’s last year with STL. I don’t think Jason Motte is the answer as the closer if he couldn’t take the job away from Franklin by now he is not going to.

  2. Terry says:

    Tony is loyal to his veterans. Look how long he stuck with Izzy. Franklin will be closing in May. Motte is not any better.

  3. thetrueguru says:

    Franklin was never meant to be a long-term closer. He was a short-term solution and he has stuck going on three seasons now. His contract is up after 2001 and the Cardinals show no interest in resigning him yet.

    They traded Perez knowing what they have in Motte and are now willing to let Franklin go. You will see :)

    1. Terry says:

      I agree Franklin was never intended to be a long term closer and LaRussa wanted to keep him in the set up role. That was two years ago and Franklin has a long leash because he does not trust Motte. This was confirmed in the comment below today:

      But right now we feel he’s the best option we have.” The other options include Mitchell Boggs and Jason Motte, but La Russa said neither guy is ready to close games. “The fact is right now those young guys aren’t better,” La Russa said.

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